Organic White Spelt Mezzi Rigatoni

£0.80 per 100g

Spelt is an ancient grain that has remained mostly unchanged for thousands of years. Less processed, spelt is an excellent source of carbohydrates and dietary fibre. It is particularly rich in iron, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc and niacin (vitamin B3) as well as micronutrients such as calcium and vitamin E. This artisan pasta is made in London by Pastifcio Carlseschi, using stoneground wholegrain spelt, grown in the UK.

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Cooking time:

8 minutes, al dente.

Spelt, is a hulled wheat, with less gluten than bread wheat and has a rich nutty flavor. The earliest evidence of spelt is from 6000 BCE in the Caucasus region and southeastern Europe. Eight hundred years ago, Hildegard de Bingen, a German mystic-botanist-artist, praised spelt’s qualities, “Spelt is the best of grains. It is rich, nourishing and milder than other grain. It produces a strong body and healthy blood to those eat it and makes the spirit light.”

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