Health & Hygiene

We take hygiene seriously at The Refill Room. All of our food products are stored in clean, cool and dry containers and our facilities are thoroughly & regularly cleaned throughout each day.

Foods containing an allergen are stored separately from other foods and we ensure that food scoops are cleaned after every use. We do everything we can to avoid cross contamination. However, due to the nature of selling unpacked goods, we cannot guarantee everything completely nut free or gluten free.

The Refill Room received a Food Hygiene rating of 5 in May 2019, the highest rating possible. A food safety officer, from the local authority, will inspect a premises to check; how food is handled & stored, how food is prepared, how clean the facilities are and how food is managed safely.

Our food products have best before dates. Dried foods are considered non-perishable & therefore do not have use by dates. Best before dates are simply a guide, you can safely eat foods well past their best before dates. Due to quick stock turnover of food at The Refill Room, it is rare that we have foods past their best before date. Any products that do come close to their best before date, will be offered at a discounted price. If you wish to know any best before dates, just ask in the order notes section at the checkout.

We recommend putting your dried food items in airtight or semi airtight containers to retain freshness.