Organic Microgreen Growing Kit


Microgreens are highly nutritious and are great for your health and the environment alike. They provide a sustainable and cheap way to access organic greens from the comfort of your own home. Stir them into a curry, swap them for frozen peas next to chips or whizz them in a smoothie – there are so many ways to enjoy them! Growing them in your home means fewer food miles and this clean organic method means less pollution. The Grow Guide makes it easy so anyone can enjoy growing and eating them, as a one-off green gift or the start of a household staple – give it a try today!

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You don’t need any experience. Your kit will provide you with all you need to grow 10 bags worth of organic, super nutritious microgreens or, ’10 grows’. Ready in 7 days. Simply provide a window and a little water (doesn’t have to be a sunny one).

Inside your MicroKit:

Organic soil
Organic seeds (3 different varieties)
2 x 20cm terracotta trays
Measuring scoop
Grow guide
Seed info