Keep Cup Cork Press 12oz


Reusable glass coffee cup with a cork sleeve, and press on lid. Lightweight yet durable, it’s perfect for on the go. Just keep it with you and refill where ever you go, the perfect replacement for disposable & single use cups. Made from toughened glass, non-leaching, endlessly recyclable and BPA & lead free materials. Replaces the use of disposable coffee cups.

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The cork band is a natural, biodegradable product made from the waste product of wine cork manufacture. It is designed to fit into the undercut on keepcup glass cups to provide thermal insulation, and holding comfort while drinking. The cork may stain overtime with use, this is a natural patina to the product.

Due to production method and cork being a natural material, there can be slight variances colour, height and width of the band. As a result band fitment will vary, some can be moved slightly on the cup, and some may fit tight, with no movement. Both are fit for purpose as intended, to protect your hand from heat when holding.

For longevity, we advise hand washing only and to not remove the cork band. Repeat dish-washing will cause the band to become discoloured and stretched.

Cork endures best with gentle hand washing. Removing the cork band risks breaking or cracking as it bumps over the glass indent. Do not remove the band for general cleaning.

If you do need to remove and replace your cork band, take the lid off the coffee cup and flip upside down so the bottom is facing up. Carefully and gently lift the cork upwards towards the bottom. Replace by doing the same action but downwards from the bottom to the top of the glass.