Soap Daze Cleansing Grains


These cleansing grains are a super product! Exfoliation is the key to smooth radiant skin, use this product twice a week and you will notice your skin absorbs your facial oil or cream much better, and if you use foundation it will be easier to apply. A mix of clays, grains and botanicals, all ground to a powder.

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30g screw top bottle

Cleansing Grains,  Exfoliator / Mask, Vegan.


Simply place half a teaspoon in the palm of your hand, add a few drops of water to form a paste, and use as a gentle scrub and mask. You could try oils, plant milk / yoghurt, avocado or banana instead of water.

So natural and effective.


French pink clay, oat flour, kaolin clay, brown rice flour, green tea leaf powder, chamomile flowers, coconut flour, echinacea, marshmallow root powder, liquorice root powder, kelp (seaweed) powder.