Organic Pysillium Husk

£2.85 per 100g

Psyllium husks are a form of fibre that comes from the husks of psyllium seeds of the Asian Plantago plant genus. High in fibre & keeps you fuller for longer, add to smoothies and shakes for a thicker consistency and a boost in fibre, use as a natural thickening agent. Add to breakfast muffins for a fibre-rich healthy snack or add to bread making to prevent or reduce crumbling.

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Pysillium Husks

All dried food orders are packed in home compostable brown paper bags.

Food labels can be recycled.

Some food items contain natural oils which may be absorbed by the brown paper bags. These food items will be double bagged to prevent natural oils seeping through onto other items, however, this may still occur.

We recommend putting your dried food items in airtight or semi airtight containers to retain freshness.

Please know that we do everything we can to avoid cross contamination. However, due to the nature of selling unpacked goods, we cannot guarantee everything nut free or gluten free.