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Charles Dowding’s No Dig Gardening, Course Book 1 – From Weeds to Vegetables is a highly detailed resource for anyone wishing to learn and garden with the no dig method. Each lesson is comprehensively illustrated, with time-sequences of captioned photos from Charles’ highly productive gardens.

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Charles Dowding’s No Dig Gardening Course Book 1 – From Weeds to Vegetables, tells you all you need to know about no dig, compost, compost making, and using compost.

This book is based around the written content and photos of Charles’s no dig online course. With 19 chapters, covering the key methods and wonderful results of no dig. From starting with weeds, to sowing and planting straightaway and cropping soon after that.
You learn how to:

Use no dig on different soil types.
Ask questions and recognise gardening myths, to save time and unnecessary effort.
Create and look after beds and paths, with a whole lesson on paths and their value.
Recognise and massively reduce the different types of weeds.
Understand and use different types of mulch or soil cover.
Know the differences between soil, compost and different types of compost.
Make your own compost.
Grow an abundance of vegetables using the no dig method. There are growing plans for one bed and for the small garden, with photos and tables to illustrate the results.