Wax & Wick Candle Grapefruit & Sage


Grapefriut & Sage Candle. A fresh citrus base with notes of fruity, floral, earthy aroma with hints of nut and musk.


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Burn time of up to 60-80 hours

Ethically sourced in the UK

Vegan friendly

Plastic Free

Soy wax

100% essential oils

These candles are hand poured in the UK. Sourcing all raw materials from UK suppliers. Using only natural ingreidents, no paraffin, artificial or synthetic colours.
The candle jars are made using thick 100% recycled glass making them durable to be reused again and again once the candle has been burned. ‘Help Us Help Our Planet’
campaign sets out to encourage you to reuse/repurpose used candle jars as plant pots or to grow your own food. Minimising the amount ending up in landfill
and adding a bit more green in our lives in the process!