Organic Raw Cacao Liquor

£2.40 per 100g

Raw Cacao Liquor makes extraordinarily chocolate products and drinks and is used for cacao ceremonies. Cacao liquor is made by pressing the whole cacao bean and heating it at very low temperatures until it forms a paste. This is the stage before it separates into cacao butter and cacao powder; this is the whole, unrefined raw bean.

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100% pure cacao made from roasted and ground whole shelled cacao beans. Used for cacao ceremonies.

This Cacao Liquor from Raw Living comes from Peru and is guaranteed truly raw. The beans are carefully selected, then washed, disinfected, air-dried, de-husked, pulverized, ground, pressed, molded and tested for heavy metals before packing.

How to use:

Cacao liquor makes an extraordinarily chocolate product because you don’t have to add a lot of extra fats to it as you would if you were making raw chocolate with cacao nibs or cacao powder. For an intense chocolate experience, just gently melt your cacao liquor and add your sweeteners and other foods of choice, to taste.

We recommend:

Everyday dose 5-8 discs

Ceremonial dose 10-15 discs

Nutritional Information

Typical values (per 100g)

Energy kcals   574

Energy kj   2401

Fat   48.4g

of which saturates    26.8g

Carbohydrate    33.6g

of which sugars

Dietary Fiber   27.3g

Protein   18g


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